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KINGHAT Temperature camera, non-contact thermometer hands-free forehead thermometer is very suitable for home, office, supermarket, shopping center and subway

⭐HD PHOTO ARCHIVE: This wall mounted thermometer comes with a camera that takes pictures of the person taking the temperature, each picture shows the person taking the temperature and the time of the measurement and is saved in a file named after the date of the day, when the temperature is abnormal it will be saved in a separate file then you can quickly find it and take action .(Note: TF card not included)
⭐NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT:This infrared thermometer can operate independently without human assistance. A reading is taken as soon as an individual’s forehead is detected within 2-4 inches of the thermometer’s sensor, without physical contact with health care workers and equipment to maintain a safe social distance.
⭐FAST & ACCURATE: This forehead thermometer can easily and quickly read from your forehead in 0.5 seconds. The high-precision sensor can ensure the accuracy of measurement, measurement deviation ≤ ± 0.2 ℃(±0.4 °F)
⭐VERSATILE: The non-contact thermometer can be used to quickly test large volumes of people without causing delays, making it perfect for deploying in high-density areas. The thermometer can be stationed in offices, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, train stations, community centers, and building entrances.
⭐WARRANTY & EASY INSTALLATION : The thermometer comes with easy installation instructions. You can mount the thermometer by using nails, hooks, brackets or included double-sided strong adhesive tape. And can be connected to a wall charger, power bank, or any other portable power source.

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