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K1 box Mini Automatic Body Temperature Scanner Wall-mount Measurement High Alarm Digital Wall Mounted Thermometer

FAST AND ACCURATE – Automatically reads a body temperature within ±.5 degree accuracy and shows instant results in less than 1 second.
EASY TO USE – Can be mounted to a floor stand, wall or ferromagnetic plate, or fixing bracket.
ABNORMAL TEMPERATURE DETECTION – The color-coded display helps easily interpret the measured results. Normal temperature range is indicated with green color. The red display and audible alarm indicate when the temperature is elevated.
TECHNOLOGY AND NOVELTY – Featuring state-of-the-art technology, it uses an infrared sensor to screen the temperature from the wrist, forehead, or palm. It’s the first device that removes a need for a person to operate, ensuring proper social distancing and safety.
WIDE RANGE OF USE – Perfect for temperature checkups in cafes and restaurants, beauty salons and barber shops, dental and medical offices, sports facilities, places of worship, education facilities, school buses, and etc. It’s a must-have device to reduce the risk of contagion and to protect teachers, receptionists, security and concierge personnel, rideshare drivers, essential and nonessential workers.

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